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A thread lingering on......


Heart’s Thread is a 1,162 line poem consisting of 166 rhyme royal stanzas, a rhyming stanza form introduced to English poetry by Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400). Chaucer is commonly known as the “Father of English Literature.” He invented this 7 line ababbcc rhyme royal stanza which he used to write parts of “The Canterbury Tales” in the 14th century. This ancient rhyme royal scheme forms the back drop for the tale of “Heart’s Thread.” 


Every life is distinct, every journey is unique. This one is no different. Through ups and downs, illnesses and recoveries, defeats and triumphs; unfold before you in the style of an autobiographical book-length poem.


One life, the never-ending journey of one soul, a fulfillment of a childhood dream:


finding his mother, like the baby elephant, Dumbo.

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