For EGW Publishing Inc.


The Book

  • Brief Description - In one paragraph, describe your poems, including its rationale, approach, and pedagogy. (These poems are... they do... their distinguishing features are...)

  • Outstanding Features List - Briefly what you consider to be the outstanding, distinctive, or unique features of your poems.


Sample Poems

Select between three and five of your poems from your book. They should be those you consider the best-written ones.


Review Process

Your poems will be discussed among a committee made up of editors and members of the marketing department, in consideration of publishing your book.


Author Background

Please include a current CV or brief biography of your writing, teaching, and/or educational background and experience. Be sure to list any books that you have previously published, any poems that were published, any awards or contests you’ve won, etc.


Response Time

Please allow at least 6-10 weeks (could be longer), for the manuscript proposal evaluation and review process.  After we have had a chance to examine your manuscript proposal, if we decide to work together and take the next step in publishing your book, we will contact you.  Thank you for your interest in EGW Publishing Inc. (Since 1979).