Haiku by Jerry Ball

Published in the Mainichi Daily News




vultures hovering

long rows of crosses

of the Iraq War


 Dec 2, 2008


waiting for the mail

the chill of midday

creeps up through the floor


April 28, 2009


spring cleaning

decide what to delete

from the hard drive


June 18, 2009


midnight in summer

the old man is wondering

about his next dream


Aug 05, 2009


autumn twilight

the novelist must decide

who lives and dies


Nov 14, 2009


Saturday morning

the librarian

is wearing sandals


Dec 19, 2009


farmer’s market

two young lovers

sampling the honey


Jan 21, 2010


wrapped in a coat

the sound of the cell phone

seems far away


April 30, 2010


…then she smiles again…

It’s a real problem

being that pretty…


Sept 1, 2010


brittle and dry

the fallen pine cone

rolls to a stop


Nov 1, 2010


even in the shade

there is brightness



April 14, 2011


spring melancholy

now and then, the word ‘now’

seems more like ’then’


June 4, 2011


along a toll road

the mirrors of rice fields

reflecting the past


Aug, 2011


a soaring hawk

I don’t want to be God, but

some wings would be nice


  Aug 31, 2011


the face

follows the knife

in the pumpkin


Jan 5, 2012


new sprouts

as if one trunk

isn’t enough


May 9, 2012


all this quiet

birch branches have captured

the twilight


June 5, 2012


a renewal form for

National Geographic

end of summer


Oct 1, 2012



“Beyond words…” he says

and goes on trimming

the roses


Jan 11, 2013


long walk with the dog

she sniffs and empty Marlboro pack

in the dry grass


April 9, 2013


a private garden

a rake and a hoe

against the wall


May 27, 2013


how like a dream

tonight I am a spider

in a web of stars


Sep 28, 2013


my shadow and I

in the shade of an ancient oak

almost alone


Oct 23, 2013


passing gas

after a look around

blaming the dog


    Nov 14, 2013


annual reunion

retirees greeting

each others nametags


March 1, 2014



dust settles

a desert road

is lonely again


   April 9, 2014