W. Wayne Lin is the author of 11 books.  


In addition, he has composed and produced 2 DVD’s, and 1 CD: “One Ray of Light at Dawn” and “Perpetual Streams,” and published 2 music scores of the same titles.  Some of his songs were performed in Taiwan & U.S.A.  He received his

M.S. degree in Physics from University of California, Riverside, and received his M.A. degree in BioPhysics from University of California, Berkeley. He was also a volunteer for 20 years, including visiting end of life cancer patients. W. Wayne Lin was elected and served as the president of the California Chinese Unit, American Cancer Society (2007-2008). Since 2013, he has been an advisor of the New Hope Chinese Cancer Care Foundation. He is also an Associate Member of the Academy of American Poets.


W. Wayne Lin currently resides in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, California, with his dear wife of 43 years, Grace. He has 3 children, Emily, Gary and Wendy (EGW), and is the proud grandfather of 8 grandchildren.





W. Wayne Lin was the co-founder and CEO of Clinical BioResearch, Inc. (1975-1980), a manufacturer of

radioimmunoassay kits. From 1979 to present, he is the founder, CEO and publisher of EGW Publishing Inc., and is responsible for publishing 11 printed consumer magazines: Herb Quarterly, Popular Woodworking, Tole World, Veggie Life, Best of Veggie Life, Wood Strokes, Weekend Woodcrafts, Yoga 4 Everybody, Children’s Album, Holiday Painting and Needlepoint News. These magazines had a combined paid subscriber base of over one million. They were distributed in over 20,000 stores & newsstands, and over 20 countries (mostly in the U.S. & Canada). EGW also published 15 tole painting books, over 300 tole painting booklets, 3 woodworking books and 3 poetry books. From 1976 to 1995, W. Wayne Lin worked a second job as a nuclear chemist and then as a real estate broker

to support his growing family and foster the budding endeavors of both radio pharmaceutical manufacturing and publishing ventures. The story of his publishing career was included in the book The American Dream, which featured 12 Chinese Americans, including the late chancellor of U.C. Berkeley, C.L. Tien, and Nobel laureate (chemistry 1986), Y.T. Lee. In the past 15 years, he cofounded many online ventures in B2C and B2B, software as a service (SaaS) fields. He is currently focusing on expanding his publishing ventures into the field of poetry.


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So I Was Hired



  (I was quite ill for 18 months, came back with a renewed spirit.

          After 36 years as a publisher of 11 magazines, I realize sometimes,

          publisher is an ambiguous term, so I describe myself as a chef.)

I was a chef for 36 years, cooked up
11 dishes in repertoire. And I got whupped
and burnt and fired many times,
they said I was too slow,
my time wasn't worth a dime.

But I need to support my

growing family, they said they don't

need me to buy the good ingredients,
that's too basic. I said I know how to use pot
and wok and cut every corner to fry
and cook cheaply, they said that is
cry out too common sense.


 To hold on to my job, they told me
       "stupid, it is all in the presentation."
       and I need to learn how to pitch and plea
       these 11 dishes by segmentation,
       direct mail, audio, video and radio,
       free sampling, promoting on the internet, sustentation
       in stores and newsstands, and yes, television,
       otherwise, I will be fired and on my knee.

       I was a slow learner, got sick
       because the kitchen was too hot.
       I had to take a leave of absence
       without my pay for 18 months. And I got
       hired this morning again, they picked me,
       and will try me for the last slot.

Maybe I can try to cook another dish and more.
They told me all along, life is more than
11 dishes. I have heard it before and bore.
But I told them I am determined to do all I can.
So they hire me to man the kitchen floor,
they do not think a chef can still fry pan
after 36 years, almost all burnt-out and sore,
and I better perform and score
before they show me the door.
And they warned me do not rest on my oars,
because the kitchen is a war.

So I was hired.