W. Wayne Lin was the co-founder and CEO of Clinical

BioResearch, Inc. (1975-1980), a manufacturer of

radioimmunoassay kits. From 1979 to present, he is

the founder, CEO and publisher of EGW Publishing Inc., and was

responsible for publishing 10 printed consumer magazines in

the past: Popular Woodworking, Veggie Life, Best of Veggie

Life, Weekend Woodcrafts, Yoga 4 Everybody, Children’s

Album, Tole World, Wood Strokes, Holiday Painting and

Needlepoint News. These magazines had a combined paid

subscriber base of over one million. They were distributed in

20,000 stores & newsstands, and 20 countries (mostly

in the U.S. & Canada). EGW also previously published 15 tole    

painting books, over 300 tole painting booklets and 3

woodworking books. Currently, EGW publishes two

magazines: Herb Quarterly and Nourish-poetry,

and 15 poetry books. From 1976 to 1995, W. Wayne

Lin worked a second job as a nuclear chemist and then as a

real estate broker to support his growing family and to foster

his budding endeavors in both radio pharmaceutical

manufacturing and publishing. The story of his publishing

career was included in the book The American Dream,

which featured 12 Chinese Americans, including the late

chancellor of U.C. Berkeley, C.L. Tien, and Nobel laureate

Y.T. Lee, (chemistry 1986). In the last 15 years, he

cofounded many online ventures in B2C and B2B, software as 

a service (SaaS) fields. He is currently focusing on expanding

his publishing venture into the field of poetry.